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LED Sweet Ferris Wheel


For all your sweet toothed guests... Our incredible white LED light up sweet ferris wheel is a statement on your sweet table, with 16 trays it can hold a lot of sweets! We supply 6 tubs of your chosen sweets (approximately 4.5 kilos), sweet bags and scoops.  When hiring this item you get to choose 6 boxes of sweets which are left so that you can keep refilling any empty buckets throughout your event. Choose from the following list of sweets, please note when delivering the sweets there is a chance we may be unable to supply your exact order, but we always try our hardest. Bubblegum bottles Haribo gold bears Haribo jelly babies Terrific Turtles Strawberry pencils Marshmellows Giant strawberries Pink and white chocolate mice White chocolate mice Cola bottles Fizzy cola bottles White chocolate jazzies Milk chocolate disco disks White chocolate disco disks White chocolate stars Milk chocolate stars White chocolate fish and chips Pink hearts Strawberry milkshake bottles Peach hearts Flying saucers Rhubarb and custard Haribo yellow belly snakes Haribo hearts Haribo fried eggs Haribo friendship rings Haribo cherries Teeth and toothbrushes Hire price of £150.

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